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Additional Rules and Regulations to your contract:

Clean up package additional info: The Clean up package does not include glitter or confetti or any other similar small materials. It does also not include throw-up. Hosts are responsible for cleaning up and returning the venue in the condition it was rented in. Extra cleaning will be billed for non-standard clean up. Standard clean up is considered cleaning up the trash on the floor and tables including cups, bottles and cans, or  paper and plastic dishware. It also includes restacking of the tables and chairs. The clean up package does not include rinsing glass plates and dishes or putting them back in the containers from rental companies. That is the responsibility of the host or catering company. 

Additional Catering Information: Your catering company must clean up after themselves including throwing away their trash and cleaning out the sinks to be free of food and debris. If they do not, if it is your responsibility to return the kitchen in the condition it was rented to you. Failure of the catering company to clean the kitchen will result in the loss of $200 of deposit funds. The clean up package does NOT apply to the catering company and the kitchen. Choose your catering company wisely! Additionally, we now offer catering...

No other additional rules are in effect at this time.

There are no blacklisted vendors at this time.

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